Backchat with Scott Myers – Bellingen Pharmacy

I Love Bello Shire interviews Scott Myers of Bellingen Pharmacy about work as a pharmacist in Bellingen,life outside work and his local doppelganger.

Much-loved local Pharmacist Scott Myers found Bellingen via Victoria and Port Douglas.  “I think I’m onto a winner here,” says Scott.  When he isn’t compounding chemicals, you’ll find this chilled dude in a hammock somewhere with his half staffie/cattle dog.

Rod ‘Scoop’ Keers wanted the dope on our favourite bearded pharmacist, so look out!

Why do pharmacist’s always work behind an elevated desk?
Haha Freddie’s just really tall, it’s actually all the same level…

What’s the best thing about being a pharmacist?
As a kid I loved stickers, so that’s right up there.
Teaching people how to manage their illnesses and medications better has pretty great job satisfaction.

Where did you come from before Bellingen?
Port Douglas, and before that Victoria. Trying all the states out… I think I’m onto a winner here.

Bellingen Pharmacy specialises in “compounding.” Please explain?
Compounding is the creation of a patient specific medication when BIGpharma can’t accommodate their needs, or we can do it better.

What services do you offer that we may not be aware of?
Flu, whooping cough and tetanus immunisation.
Free comprehensive medication reviews, either in store or at the home.

You offer a home delivery service to customers. Can you pick-up a pizza on the way as well?
Wrong Scott. Perfect Pizza Scott would do a much better job, there wouldn’t be a slice missing then either haha.

Your best memory of childhood was?
Lots of things involving family & friends, dogs and bikes. Not much has changed really…

Your best sporting moment was?
Winning the University-mens basketball comp in Victoria with my mates from high school.

What would you like to be remembered for?
I guess helping people out when they needed it.

I need help mowing my lawns this weekend?
Wrong Scott…you need Lawnmower Scott.

What are you reading right now?
I just finished Matthew Reilly’s new book, “The Secret Runners Of New York.” Yet another childhood flashback.

What are you listening to right now?
Right now my half staffie/cattle dog is snoring up a storm… Music…….Rufus Du Sol.

What really annoys you?
My staff gifted me Mark Manson’s book recently “Everything is F*cked” sooo I’d like to say very little… truthfully littering and destroying wildlife is my biggest frustration.

What project are you currently working on?
My Forester [car] is a constant project. A more professional project I’ve been working on with a local dermatologist is a night cream targeted for sun-damaged skin. We’re in the final stages of getting it to market at the moment.

How do you relax?
Anywhere with a hammock, dogs and some peace and quiet.

Favourite restaurant in the Shire?
We’re still yet to try Smoke & Barrels, so give me a week or two to ponder that one.

Favourite TV show?
MightyCarMods on youtube at the moment, does TV have anything good?

The previous career you wish you could forget?
Loading glass bottles onto the Coca Cola filling line.

Favourite holiday destination & why?
Does Kalang count?
It’s so tranquil and calm.

In the Movie Scottgate, who would play you?
I was born in ‘89 Rod, what does this mean?!
Born in 89 means you are about 30 years old. But back to my question.

What actor could play you if they made a movie about Scott Myers?
That’s easy…..Local boy Scott Collins from High Lonesome.
He can’t act but he sure can sing. Better make it a musical.


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