Backchat: The Hon. Melinda Pavey MP

I Love Bello Shire chats with sitting member for the Oxley electorate Melinda Pavey to discuss the upcoming NSW state election.

With the NSW State Elections looming, Rod sat down for a chat with sitting member for the NSW seat of Oxley, Melinda Pavey.

Melinda Pavey is Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight in the NSW Parliament. Here Melinda discusses her plans for the Oxley region, affordable housing, the importance of her Parliamentary connections, and a peek behind-the-scenes at Parliamentary Question Time…


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  • Michael Clarke says:

    An interesting interview, and I liked the more discussive answers style than the usual political blame-throwing seen in the media. Liked your style too, Rod.
    However, I was left with some unease that to questions on employment and affordable housing, there weren’t any active proposals offered, but just supportive generalities around for example the broad lifestyle benefits of businesses relocating here. The names of some successful businesses were mentioned but to my knowledge these businesses didn’t commence here due to any government activity.
    As a thinking voter, there’s got to be creative tangible attempts to see us move forward as a community.

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