Backchat: Greens Candidate for Oxley Arthur Bain

NSW State Elections loom, so I Love Bello Shire sat down for a chat with Greens candidate for Oxley Arthur Bain to discuss his policies for the environment.

With the NSW State Elections looming, Rod sat down for a chat with Greens Candidate for Oxley Arthur Bain. (Photo courtesy of Macleay Argus).

Arthur discusses why he believes he’s qualified to be the representative member for Oxley. He talks of his grass-root connections to the people of this region, from all walks of life.  These connections have highlighted to Arthur how government policies can impact real lives.   He has worked as an educator for most of his life, but is currently working for the Department of Justice- working with vulnerable families.  He describes himself as a good learner and communicator who is passionate about the environment and social justice.


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