Kombu Wholefoods Bellingen: Their Story

Costa Georgiadis, Kombu Wholefoods Bellingen, I Love Bello Shire

The Bellingen Shire is a rich, diversely cultured and cultivated region. The Bellingen township itself has an ethos of sustainable, local market produce offered to customers who expect quality, fresh and organic. The Coffs Coast itself is renowned for a climate which ranges from frost-free coastal conditions, steamy hinterland valleys, and frosty – even snowy – mountains. With fertile land, reliable rainfall, and committed growers – as well as a keen clientele – you have ‘local’ food heaven.

We are lucky in Bellingen. We have been well catered-to for our organic (read: bio-dynamic, paleo, vegan, chemical-free, grass-fed…) food must-haves for at least 30 years.

We’ve become quite choosy. These days, we are blessed to have several excellent local produce markets, and a wealth of local, healthy produce to choose from. Even our local IGA stocks Bellingen-made delicatessen items.

Older Bellingen locals (like moi) will remember, with passion often, the days of ‘The Good Food Shop’.

We’re talking…1987-ish, for several great years.

The Good Food Shop reigned supreme as the ‘go-to’ health food store of the day, as well as the meeting spot when you finally came into town…especially if you brought music.

These days, Bellingen’s iconic, organic grocery and healthy-living mecca is Kombu Wholefoods.

Kev and Lowanna Doye created this business more than a decade ago, from zero. At the outset, their passion for this project was unmistakable: to work hard, and to be an affordable option for sustainable living – for us, our planet and our pocket.

This family-owned-and-operated local business stocks a wide range of chemical-free, organic, locally-sourced produce. Kombu keeps money in our local and wider community, developing ongoing relationships with local and regional farmers and producers and, importantly, offering Bellingen locals healthy living options. Kombu has an amazingly knowledgeable team (they are a passionate, friendly lot) and, they have a dedicated ‘Local Produce Co-ordinator’, Shari Carter (pictured). When produce is not available locally, Shari sources it from regional markets. Kombu offers some of the best local and regional produce available in the Bellingen Shire, without a doubt.

And it’s not just about your greens. Kombu is your one -stop shop for more than 2,500 other products: organic bulk delights, ethical nutrients, specialty teas, natural cosmetics and hair care, and most of those ‘have-you-ever-heard-of…?’ items.

Kombu has an online store at kombuwholefoods.com.au, which serves even regional customers across Australia, and brings additional money into the Bellingen region (which we all love and appreciate), as well as providing optimal products, service and ethical nourishment.

Cake, icing, the lot…

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  • Lesley Wickham says:

    This shop is one of the best things about living in Bellingen. Wherever I travel, I look for anything equivalent when I’m self-catering and I’ve never found anything as good. Not only the best health food shop going but they even have a weather-camera on the river so those of us living over the river can see when the bridge is flooded – a very valuable service.

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