Local Vegetation Vandals Hit New Low

The Bellingen township has been hit by vegetation vandalism. Anyone with information should contact Bellingen Police on 6655 1444.

Reports of vegetation vandalism in and around our Shire are traditionally rare and isolated instances, because we are a community that wants to protect and enhance the beauty of the natural environment we are lucky to share and call home. Unfortunately, there has recently been numerous examples of vegetation vandalism to public and private property, which is very disappointing because the bad behaviour of a few people directly affects us as a community and reflects poorly on our town.

Specifically, vandals have been targeting public gardens and landscaping works in Main Street, Church Street, Oak Street and north Bellingen’s Wheatley Street Roundabout with feature trees, plants and shrubs either destroyed or ripped out of garden beds. Numerous instances of plant poisonings have also been observed, and the illegal dumping of garden waste, lawn and pruning clippings in public gardens and landscaping works has unfortunately become a regular occurrence.

Council crews, community members and Main Street traders have collectively cleaned up the mess left behind by these careless vandals and private and public surveillance cameras are currently being checked to try and identify the culprits. These instances of vegetation vandalism have also been referred to the Police and anyone with further information is urged to contact Bellingen Police on 6655 1444.


  • The Messenger of Love says:

    Apart from the Evil Genius Controllers of the world, what sort of people want to destroy greenspace? From what is reported here, ie, garden clippings being dumped, gardeners themselves are involved. So many questions without answers. I hope the sad ones will come to their senses and appreciate that having greenery around town helps lower temperature, gives spaces for God’s Gardeners, ie, Bees and Birds, etc, to thrive and overall enhances the whole area with an aura of peace and loveliness. Who wants to live in a barren place of bricks and mortar and bitumen?

    Dear Sad Ones, begin loving yourselves by loving Nature. You could feel so much nicer, simply by beautifying that which you broke. Plants need love too.

  • leisel says:

    I’ve noticed vegetation damage happens during school holidays. I suggest no more of our rates be spent on youth hubs or skate parks but instead be used to replace the greenery they vandalise sincw thwy don’t appreciate what thw community has given them. As for the gardeners dumping their rubbish they ought to be ashamed of themselves and fined big time when identified.

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