Moratorium on Logging the Kalang Headwaters Reserve

By February 1, 2021 Other News 2 Comments
Friends of Kalang Headwaters call for a moratorium on logging of ther Kalang Headwaters to protect threatened koala habitat.

Koalas and their habitat are still under threat from Forest destruction and Forest fragmentation.  Forestry Corporation NSW (FCNSW) state that they intend to log thousands of hectares of high conservation value Forest, later this year. The compartments scheduled for logging include significant areas of “Threatened Lowland Rainforest” and recovering Old Growth Forest.  The proposed logging will also further fragment the remaining forest in the Headwaters Reserve.

“Koalas are still facing Extinction in NSW”, says Ms Berry Jones, Convenor of Friends of Kalang Headwaters Association.  She went on to say, “The Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and Minister for the Environment, Matt Kean must instruct Forestry Corporation to stop the logging of the proposed Headwaters Reserve while it is being assessed by the Director General of National Parks and Wildlife Service. If this decision is left to FCNSW the Koalas that survived last summer’s catastrophic Bushfires will have their habitat cut out from under them this year”

Friends of Kalang Headwaters (FOKH) was formed by an Alliance of local Environmental groups in 2018 and despite the disruption caused by the pandemic has prepared and lodged a comprehensive proposal to protect the Headwaters which is supported by both Bellingen and Nambucca Councils.  Our launch of the proposal Dec20 also attracted support from Parliamentarians from the Greens, the ALP, the Animal Justice Party and the Liberal Party.

“Since information and evidence gathering commenced in 2017 a growing number of Koalas have been documented within the Reserve and it is now evident that the Headwaters contain a treasure trove of other Threatened Fauna and Flora as well” stated Ms Jones. “This is an opportunity for the NSW Government to show they are serious about saving Koalas from Extinction”



  • Marg Newby says:

    A growing number is very vague reporting… I suggest real figures would capture more people’s attention.

  • Sean Tuohy says:

    Really? Disaster in our forests and you care most about “a growing number”? How many would make a difference? Ten? Thirty? The truth is that every survey we conduct finds more evidence of koalas, that’s why it’s a growing number. They don’t co-operate in a census and Forestry Corporation survey the same forests and find none! This logging regime is an ongoing catastrophe and deserves a better response than nit-picking. Feel free to join Friends of Kalang Headwaters ( and help us enumerate them more exactly or, even better, write in support of the Headwaters Proposal to the Director-General of NPWS NSW or our apparently unconcerned local Member.

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