The Trio at Tree-O Gallery scaling new heights

It is now fifteen months since the trio at Tree-O Gallery firmly set down their roots and despite obvious impediments to growth over the past few months, this eclectic and stunning gallery of timber furniture, creations and fine arts has now truly blossomed.

A fourth multi-artist showcase has recently been curated and will be on display until the end of November.   “It’s exciting! There are currently works on display by over 20 artists in various mediums. We have curated the collection carefully and the result has already surprised and delighted visitors that have walked through over the past week,” says Sarah Andersen, co-owner.

The opening parties for the three previous exhibitions were legendary.  Unfortunately, Covid has put a stop to that (for now).  But the fourth artist showcase is a delight and well worth a visit, incorporating the works of many well recognised, local creative talents, including Tony Carlon, Rowena Post, Lyn Walsh, Maryanne Khan, Les Turner, John Thiering, Juliet E Tilson, Bruce Gilchrist and Lloyd Tubb.  An absolute must!

We were treated to a quick peak at the new exhibition and had a chance to catch up with Sarah…….


Sarah how did the business fare over the past few months?

The Covid-era has had all three of us extremely busy in the workshop (attached to the Gallery) with commissions and specialty pieces both from returning and new clients. The Gallery was closed for two months but customers have still been visiting us and ordering new items for their homes and/or using our timber sales and services to accomplish their ‘in-isolation’ tasks. So although we couldn’t allow visitors through the gallery itself, photos of past pieces, previous client recommendations, word -of-mouth and our reputation for fine furniture has been helpful in securing new jobs that have continued to sustain our business.


Has this time given the three of you a chance to allow your own creativity to flow? Has it sparked any exciting new personal creations?

It would be lovely to be able to say yes to this question! There are always designs and ideas floating around our minds that are just begging to be brought to life, however much of our time lately has been focused on customer measurements and choices with a small amount of our design and/or individual flair added to each piece that goes out.

The workshop has completed a number of new picnic tables, bench seats and toilet blocks for National Parks (replacing some of those lost in the bush fires).  Bim (Morton) has also been producing cabinets and bench tops and is racking, drying and selling timber on a daily basis. Trevor (Oliver-King) and his son Myles are working on a range of speakers with a unique design and high quality sound production, a range of nest boxes for fauna displaced by the bush fires, and a new Yellowbox dining table is on its way soon.

I’ve delivered a number of commission pieces this year, including a second set of black cabinets, vanity tops, outdoor slab table, bench tops, a bridge sleeper mantle piece and continue to work (and play) with resin when I can.

We have been so busy on the workshop side of the business that new pieces in the gallery made by the trio of Tree-o aren’t on display for long before they are delivered to their forever homes. Being that the three of us also work at TAFE NSW, we hope this school holiday break will allow us a little extra time to create new pieces for the Gallery. Watch this space.


Are there any new ideas or directions for Tree-O?

Fortunately, with the workshop alongside the Gallery, our business has been able to abide by the Covid-restrictions and continue many of our operations. We certainly missed having people through the Gallery though.

As such, we haven’t found a lot of spare time to consider drastically different directions for the business.  In saying that we knew that many artists have been struggling with exposure and sales during this time.  This prompted us to open the gallery space to a selection of artists and have managed to create a vibrantly unique exhibition of works, albeit without an opening night event. we decided to open the gallery space to a selection of artists to create a vibrantly unique exhibition of works.

We may be a little off the beaten track but it is well worth the trip! Come in and browse the high quality works for sale by local artists and you can join our ‘Friends of Tree-O’ mailing list to stay up to date with our future showcase plans.


Tree-O Furniture Gallery
Alex Pike Drive Raleigh Industrial Estate
Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm; Sat 10am-3pm.


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