Arts Network Bellingen Collective Tackle Life’s Misconceptions

With only a few weeks remaining, local Bellingen artists Jackie Lee, Shelley O’Keefe, Philip Senior, Julie Hutchinson and Kathy Taylor (pictured from left) are applying the final touches in preparation for their Sydney art exhibition ‘Misconceptions’ at Gallery Lane Cove.

Apart from finishing the works, the group is working on the exhibition floor plan, planning accommodation and how to transport a sculpture, made from thousands of pencils, to Sydney.

Artist Kathy Taylor wants to thank all those in the community who responded to her call for help and left boxes of preloved pencils at her doorstep, and to her family and friends who helped to sharpen beyond blisters!

Arts Network Bellingen (AnB Collective) formed 2 years ago. They have already worked on a number of community projects together: the OUTA event involving over 30 artists, made book sculptures for the Readers and Writers festival, and this year installed a poster gallery on street walls for Bellingen Arts Week.

They enjoy the dynamics of working together on collaborative projects.


“We meet monthly to show and critique new works, share ideas and talk about art. Our  meetings have become fertile grounds for developing ideas and works for exhibition. The process itself was an integral part of ‘Misconceptions’”, says Shelley.


For this exhibition each artist offers their own reflections on contemporary social issues and personal narratives, which affect the way we think and interact with each other.

Taylor’s latest sculptures are created from thousands of pencils.They form an accretion that through the layers of experience grow beyond the individual, like the misconceptions of daily life or the endless possibilities of evolution.

Philp Seniors digital drawings reflect his thoughts on time and transience.

O’Keefe’s ‘Velamen’ installation of charcoal drawings depict cultural and social traditions of womens veils and head coverings.

Julie Hutchinson’s cartoon drawings are a personal enquiry into her own misconceptions and their origins, as well as the misconceptions we may have as humans in our constructed society.

Jackie Lee’s 10 metre scroll of 30 miniature jewel-like vignettes, ‘From Here to There’, takes us on journey from Bellingen to Armidale filled with fleeting memories, experiences and landmarks as we pass through the landscape.

The exhibition hopes to provoke reflection on gender, identity and existence, while at the same time offers its own reflective space to engage in thinking about experiences we all share, simply by being human.

On returning to Bellingen the artists hope to share their insights with local artists, Regional galleries and community art organisations.

Arts Network Bellingen Collective are applying the final touches in preparation for their Sydney art exhibition 'Misconceptions' at Gallery Lane Cove.

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