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Can you give me a brief background about your business?
We arrived in Bellingen 18 years ago and launched Bellingen Canoe Adventures. It has been fun since the first day. I get to share experiences with a wide range of travellers and locals. It is an honour to showcase our gorgeous river and the Bellingen surrounds.

What made you choose the canoe industry?
The idea was to create a business that blended the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle.  The love of people and tourism was also a factor.  I’m passionate about the river!

So what skills are required to take people canoeing?
Being able to to entertain people. Paddling a canoe helps as well.

So you’re an entertainer- please tell.
I’ve been playing music since I could walk and entertaining people since I could talk.

I’ve heard about your wild rock ‘n roll days.  Are your party days behind you?
NO the party is continuous, I just do it differently these days.

Is it true what they say about rock ‘n roll bands?
Yes that’s why I’m not in one.

Come on- wildest gig ever.
What happens in Thredbo stays in Thredbo!!

So are you in any band at the moment?
Yes an awesome local band “South Arm”- great friends, great vibe, great music!

So back to the canoes, who are your clients?
Plenty of locals and their visiting friends, backpackers, families, school groups, corporate functions, birthday parties, adventure groups and tourists.

Most common nationality?
British by a long way, followed by Canadians, Kiwis, Europeans and Brazilians.

What else do you do?
I’m actually a piano teacher by trade, and I still teach here in Bellingen.  My students totally inspire me.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Telling jokes.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the river…?

Have you ever thought about stand up comedy on ‘open mic night’ at 5 Church Street?
NO- I don’t do stand up.  I’m more of a sit down comedian.

Ha ha.  Is there anything about you that’s not cool?
I’m a virgo….and very messy.

The best lesson your parents taught you?
Good manners. It’s so easy to do.

If you were Prime Minister, what would you do?
Delegate to people who knew what they were doing.

How do you like to relax?
Thredbo is my other home. I love skiing and snowboarding.

What made you come to Bellingen?
All the festivals, lots of fun, and a wonderful community.

Best coffee in the shire?
I’m a big fan of Breakfast on Church in Bello.

How would you sum up your life?
Life can be difficult if you always paddle against the tide. But its fun to splash out sometimes, as long as you don’t tip over. Although I do like to rock the boat occasionally.

That’s a lot of cliches? 
Have I gone overboard?

In the movie Danielgate, who would play you?
Daniel Johns as he is a great singer….and I’m taller than him.

Are you sure?
Get out!



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