Backchat with Steve Allan of Urunga Amcal Pharmacy

Steve Allan Urunga Amcal Pharmacy, I Love Bello Shire, Bellingen, Urunga

Steve Allan, our friendly Pharmacist at the Urunga Amcal Pharmacy and President of the Urunga Myelstom Chamber of Commerce.  We have gone hunting for some deeper insights into this popular Urunga resident and find out that Steve is a doer not a talker, but definitely one guy you can trust with your secrets.

How long have you been running the pharmacy?
We moved here 25 years ago to run Urunga Pharmacy.

What do you like about your business?
Getting to know so many great people in our community, and having the opportunity to help them.

What is the most important skill you have?

Who are your clients?
Everyone from newborns to the most senior members of our community

Why do pharmacists work on an elevated platform?
We don’t.

How come you look so much taller when your behind the counter then?
It’s an optical illusion.

Any interesting medical emergencies in the shop?
Can’t comment.

Can I get my mum’s Christmas present in the pharmacy on the 24th December?
Yes and with free gift wrapping.

What should I buy her?
The best thing you can possibly afford- it’s your Mum!

What did you get your mum last Xmas?
No comment.

Best memory of childhood was…  
Beach holidays with my family.

What I’d like to be remembered for is…

Friends say that I…
Dance better after a few drinks.

Don’t we all!!
I wouldn’t know.

I go to great lengths to avoid…
Reality television.

What I’m reading right now is…
Victory at Villers-Bretonneux by Peter FitzSimons.

It’s pretty uncool but…
I like Abba.

Can you show me your dance moves to Fernando?
I don’t think anyone can dance to Fernando!

If only…
I had the gift of music.

What really annoys me is

The best lesson my parents taught me was…
“You can do anything if you work hard enough.”

The last big belly laugh I had was…
Watching “Hunt For the Wilderpeople.”

If I had the top job I would…
Talk less and do more.

What made you come to Urunga?
The chance to practice my profession in this beautiful part of the world.

What project are you currently working on?
The “Love Urunga” strategy with Urunga Mylestom Chamber of Commerce.

What is that?
A promotional strategy for our town. Everything to LOVE about Urunga.  Events, activities, community and things to do in our stunning region- on our Facebook page

Who inspires you?
My wife and kids.

How do you relax?
Walking, mountain bike riding and cooking.

Favourite shire eatery? 
Can’t beat an afternoon by the water at Anchor’s Wharf Cafe.

Best coffee in town?
Pomegranate Cafe in Urunga.

Current passion?
Clare Valley Riesling.

Favourite country to visit and why?
Finland – it’s the next one I’m going to.

In the movie Stevegate, who would play you?
I’d love to say Daniel Craig but I fear it could be Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce can’t sing or dance.




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