Bellingen Chamber of Commerce Partners with Rotary Club of Bellingen

The Rotary Club of Bellingen undertakes a range of small but vital projects that benefit the community and is keen to work with the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce to support our efforts in growing our local economy.

They have asked for our members’ input to their survey questions (below). This will help them decide on our local project activities for the coming year 2020-21 and perhaps beyond.


Survey Questions:

  1. What types of projects do you think Bellingen Rotary should be investigating and prioritising?
  2. Community facilities (eg: picnic sheds, boardwalks, signage, pathways for safe use and exercise)?  Comments:
  3. Supporting regular and ongoing beautification and landscaping, (eg: lawn-mowing and gardening of community spaces)? Comments:
  4. Building knowledge and skills through supporting education programs? Comments:
  5. Developing and supporting local services and experiences (eg: festivals, media services)? Comments:
  6. Other (please provide details) Comments:
  7. Of the areas in question, could you please prioritise 1 to 3, with 1 being your first priority and so on. Comments:
  8. Do you know of any specific projects Rotary could be involved in? Please list them here and provide your comments

Please send your completed survey responses to Libby Park at [email protected] and they will be forwarded to the Rotary Club.

You can also download & print the Survey document PDF HERE





Photo credit: Tim Aickin

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