Bellingen Chamber of Commerce Supporting our Community

Are you feeling confused? In these times of crisis, things are evolving at a rapid rate and we are bombarded with news reports and government announcements. It’s hard to sort through all this information to find what is relevant to our own business situation.

How do we make good decisions based on all the facts?

How do we find the experts to help us interpret the various economic stimulus packages and identify which ones we are eligible for?

How do we make business plans for the future, when nothing is certain or clear?

These are difficult times for business owners and for our community. We have to support each other, now more than ever.

The Bellingen Chamber of Commerce is working to help businesses in our shire to stay connected, to provide links to sources of information and expertise and to respond to the needs that our members and other business owners advise us of.

Here’s some of what we’ve been doing so far:

We are participating in the Bellingen Shire Coronavirus Pandemic Response Group to contribute to a coordinated local response to the pandemic.  You will find more information about this initiative elsewhere in this newsletter.

Our program of networking breakfasts is on hold for the time being.  In their place, we will be hosting regular online Zoom meetings. You can BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast) if you wish!

The first of these will be held on Wednesday, 25 March from 8am to 9am
with the title Business link up in a time of crisis.
Join us Wednesday at 7:55 am CLICK HERE
It’s FREE.

The objective will be to give you an update on what the Chamber has been doing and to hear from you about what your concerns, questions and priorities are.  This will help guide our activities over coming weeks.  I hope you can participate, but if you can’t we will be making a recording of the meeting and you will find that via links on our website.

The following week we have arranged for a business consultant and coach to deliver a webinar for us – it’s called Coronavirus and Your Business Survival Plan.  I have already attended this webinar myself and encourage you to register.  Details of this event will be published in ilovebelloshire as well as on our website.

I would also encourage you to visit the Business Australia website.  This is the new brand recently launched by the NSW Business Chamber.  They have put together a range of very useful information and templates.  Here’s the link to their website 

Please get in touch with me or one of the other board members if you would like to discuss anything with us.

With best wishes for you in these difficult times.

Libby Park

President, Bellingen Chamber of Commerce

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