Bellingen Youth Orchestra – The Phoenix Rising

Last weekend 100 young and aspiring musicians came together for the inaugural Bellingen Youth Orchestra Camp. After the restrictions of 2020, the camp was conceived as an opportunity to re-inspire the players of the youth orchestra and begin 2021 with a fanfare of live music.

Bellingen Youth Orchestra was founded in 2007 and is built on the incredible dedication of its amazing team of music teachers who reach out to inspire and support musicans of all ages. Over the course of the camp weekend, players have worked within larger ensembles to explore new repertoire and have had time in smaller groups to refine their skills with specific instrument tutors.

The BYO thrives on a vision to provide inspiring musical opportunities for the youth of our rural communities. With this in mind, the players were joined over the weekend by a collective of classical musicians from across the country. Taking time out of their schedules with the Sydney Symphony, the Melbourne Symphony, Brisbane Conservatorium and touring events, highly acclaimed Australian musicians joined the Camp to provide extra tuition, passion and musical insight for the campers.

Young musicians enjoying the ‘Commando Course Challenge’

As well as building their team skills in the great commando course challenge, the players came together as a whole group at each meal to ‘sing for their supper’ and learn a choral piece inspired by the poem ‘Invictus’ and the struggle of Nelson Mandela. Led by the inspiring and renowned composer Paul Jarman, this challenging piece was used to open the Camp Concert on Sunday afternoon.

The continued success of the BYO and our inagural camp was made possible through the hard work of the BYO committee members and volunteers. Financial support through donations from many of our community supporters assisted with sponsorship of players ensuring the camp remained inclusive and the experience of working with some of the country’s leading musicians was available to everybody.

One of  our young players shared his thoughts on what he encountered at the camp:

Team Building

I loved the experience that the camp provided me, as I advanced a lot and it was so awesome to get to know the other kids and also some of the older players in the BYO. It was an incredible experience thank you so, so much. I also loved the balance of playing music with the activities the Coffs Coast Adventure Center provided.” William, aged 12.

The Bellingen Youth Orchestra look forward to sharing more incredible events with their local and surrounding communities over 2021.

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By Rainee Herron

BYO, Media and Communications

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