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So Bouldering Hub, welcome to Bellingen, I understand you’ve only been here a few months.
Yep. It took a while to get here, but I fully landed on 11th November.

And what do we call you?
Well I’m called the Boulder HUB which is a little play on the relationship I have with the Youth HUB and my Boulder Wall. I hope to be a whole lot more than just a climbing wall.

What do you mean?
Well, just like the Youth HUB is more that a youth centre, where it offers support and education and a safe space and a huge place of opportunity for youth and community, I’m hoping to be the same for climbers and boulderers.

Boulderers, is that even a word?
It is now.

So why have you come to Bellingen?
Well I was kindly invited by some local lads who then told a few of their mates, and it snowballed. Next thing you know I am here. I’m definitely not complaining, this place rocks (pun intended). I’ve already made heaps of friends from all ages. Even had quite a few newbies which has been nice.

Next year, I’m going to regularly hang out with some of the crew from the local High School and primary schools so that should be a hoot.

What do you do for a living?
Well, on the surface, I let people walk all over me J. More importantly though, I like to think I provide a space where all sorts of wonderful magic happens.

You see in this day and age, our young kids need good people and strong healthy relationships to get by, whether at school, home or in the community. Climbing seems to be one of those things where good, happy, healthy adults hang out and if they get to in turn hang out with our youth, then healthy community happens.

Do you ever get sick and tired of being walked all over?
Funny, but no, I love it! Every few weeks we change all the routes to freshen up so no one ever gets tired or bored. We also add a few extra bits here and there so it spices up my relationship with the climbers frequently enough.

When can people come down to meet you?
I’ll try and be available for the kids between 3:30 and 5:30 Tue-Fri depending if we have a volunteer to open the door (hint hint !!). We’ll also look to being open after 5:30 for a while for anyone (like adults) to come down and play. I am of course looking to meet at every single person in Bellingen by Christmas.

Are you expensive?
Nope. I am the result of this community’s support. Kids get in for free during the HUB 3:30-5:30 hours. After that its either a recommended donation, or for my regulars, an annual membership is the go. It helps keep the lights on and the walls fresh.

Favourite film star?
Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.

Favourite song?
I’m a big Sound of Music fan, so probably Climb Every Mountain.

In the movie Bouldergate, who would play you?
I’m a nostalgic type of person, lets go with Rock Hudson.

Bouldering HUB, thank you
It has been a pleasure. Hope to see you hanging here soon and please remember: “We climb not so the world can see us, but so we can see the world”. You can get onto me here

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