I Love Writing Competition: ‘WHAT THEY NEED’ by Laura McNeil

All he wanted was people to like him. But as he crunched his meaty hand into the cliff, he knew that the impression he was giving the innocent people of Wendall was far from friendly.

Tremors dance the cliff,

 The townspeople face dismay,

A giant’s heart beats.

The giant’s eyes crack open and an almighty bellowing roar vibrates under the townspeople’s feet. Horror floods their faces as they catch a glimpse of the beast. The beast extends his long gangly arm, the townspeople scatter backwards, the beast’s arm narrowly misses striking them.

But his bold blue eyes contain love.

The beast’s heart breaks as he notices the fearful, hateful expressions on the townspeople’s faces.

He had never had a family of his own.

A single tear slips from his eye.

Nobody notices, except one small girl who steps forward, her pale blue dress faded and her hair in a messy ponytail. She walks slowly over to the giant and carefully taps his stone leg.

There are cries from the townspeople.

“Come back Delilah!”

 “Be careful!” cried another.

 “But he’s sad,” Delilah stutters.

The giant slowly crouches so as to be at the same height as the girl. Delilah holds the giant’s big hand and whispers something to him that nobody else can hear. “Do you want to be my friend?” The giant’s fist reaches out. The townspeople gasp. The mammoth fist strokes the small girl’s ponytail.

Small tears are exchanged.

Meaty fists clutch skinny palms.

Both have what they need.


Laura McNeil won the I Love Writing Competition 2020 Junior Category.

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  • Julie Walker says:

    Omg that is some amazing incredible story wow very touching.
    You’ve certainly excelled with that effort miss Laura – very proud all round I would say.
    Lots of love mana 👍✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽🥇🖊📖❤️

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