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Here’s your opportunity to test your knowledge with this Quick Quiz, because one can never have enough trivia.
So how much do you know? How did you go?  Good luck!
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  1. Esophagus is
    A. a Greek Island located near the Turkish coast.
    B. a green garden vegetable
    C. a tube that carries food to the stomach
    D. a Scottish pudding made from sheep organs
  2. What did a shepherd boy discover in Qumran, Jordan in 1947?
    A. Noah’s Ark
    B. Dead Sea Scrolls
    C. The Ten Commandments
    D. A herd of sheep
  3. The Rhine River runs through which country?
    A. France
    B. Germany
    C. Austria
    D. Hungry
  4. Name the dance seen above?
  5. The French fashion term pret a porter means what in English?
  6. What body of water separates Australia & New Zealand?
  7. The two sides in WW11 were known as Allies & …….?
  8. The Manhattan Project in 1941 was what?
  9. Using the letters FERNRIDGE, what is a 9 letter word found later?
  10. What English weapon defeated the French in Agincourt in 1415?
    A. The slingshot
    B. Yorkshire Pudding
    C. The Longbow
    D. The Canon
  1. C a tube that carries food to the stomach
  2. B  The Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. B  Germany
  4. Zorba The Greek
  5. Ready to wear
  6. Tasman Sea
  7. Axis
  8. To build a Nuclear Bomb
  9. Deferring
  10. C  The Longbow


  1. Earwax is made from
    A. dead skin cells dropping off
    B. candle particles located mainly near churches
    C. miscellaneous air particles caught by the hair in your ear
    D. towel fibre from wax on, wax off motions.
  2. Ralph Teetor who was blind, invented what car accessory?
    A. Seat Belt
    B. Cruise Control
    C. Windscreen wiper
    D. Cigarette lighter
  3. Segway
    A. is an electric transportation device
    b. comes from the Italian word segue
    C. is to move from one topic to another without stopping.
    D. All of the above
  4. Jakarta was formerly known as…..?
  5. What country is split into 443 islands?
  6. What country has half of the world’s pigs?
  7. What does the ozone layer do?
  8. The Department of Defence in Washington DC building is the shape of what?
  9. What is the largest known spider in the world?
    A. Goliath Bird Eating Spider
    B. Whale Spider
    C. Giant Black Spider
    D. Amazon Mammoth Spider
  10. In the bible, what was Matthew’s occupation before he became an apostle?
    A. Rock salesman at stonings.
    B. Crucifix designer
    C. A Roman Centurion
    D. Tax Collector
  1.  A  Dead skin cells
  2.  B Cruise Control
  3.  D All of the above
  4. Batavia
  5. Denmark
  6. China
  7. Filters out solar radiation
  8. Pentagon
  9. A  Goliath Birdeating Spider
  10. D  Tax Collector

QUESTIONS   30th March

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  1. How many people survived the sinking of the Titanic?
    A. less than 10
    B. 28
    C. 30 to 60
    D. Over 700
  2. Uvula is best described as…..
    A. a Swedish 3 door car
    B. a dessert served with meringue
    C. a bone in your hips
    D. soft tissue found in the throat
  3. Retina is best described as….
    A. a Swedish 3 door car
    B. a Greek wine
    C. blood that flows back through the heart
    D. nerve tissue in your eye
  4. Fiji is considered part of which continent?
  5. What is the piece of metal on a bridle that goes in a horse’s mouth?
  6. Luxembourg is the capital of which country?
  7. What causes the moon to shine bright?
  8. What is the only mammal that cannot jump?
  9. Ecuador is named after the equator. True or False
  10. Using the letters EMPORIUM what is a 7 letter word that is better than other words?
  1. D 706
  2. D soft tissue found in the throat
  3. D Nerve tissue in your eye
  4. Australia
  5. Bit
  6. Luxembourg is the capital of Luxembourg
  7. Reflected sunlight
  8. Elephant
  9. True

QUESTIONS 23rd March

  1. What is a group of Rhinoceroses called
    A. Crash
    B. Horn Section
    C. Cluts
    D. Spikes
  2. What is a family group of warthogs called?
    A. Sounder
    B. Pimple
    C. Bikers
    D. Scablets
  3. What is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy?
    A. Jupiter Galaxy
    B. Twinky Galaxy
    C. Andromeda Galaxy
    D. Faraway Galaxy
  4. Which city can Checkpoint Charlie be found?
  5. The Islands of the Bahamas boast which capital city?
  6. The Wright Brothers, famous for flying, were Orville and ……..?
  7. What car did Leyland Australia build to take on Ford & Holden in 1969?
  8. What is India’s national bird?
  9. What medical term means without symptoms?
  10. Using the letters FERNMOUNT, what is an 8 letter word for a singer?
  1. A  Crash
  2. A. Sounder
  3. C  Andromeda Galaxy
  4. Berlin
  5. Nassau
  6. Wilbur
  7. P76
  8. The Peacock
  9. Asymptomatic

QUESTIONS 16th March
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  1. What are Chitterlings?
    A. A group of baby doves
    B. Egyptian earrings
    C. Intestines of a pig
    D. Droppings from insects
  2. What was Mahatma Gandhi’s first name?
    A. Gupta
    B. Mohandas
    C. Drishti
    D. Steve
  3. How often do we have a Leap Year?
  4. Which animal’s milk will never curdle?
  5. Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus. True or False?
  6. How did Soft Drink get its name?
  7. Name the Swiss dish that usually involves melted cheese or chocolate?
  8. What is the capital of Kenya?
  9. Which Austrian Psychiatrist penned The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900?
  10. Using the letters BELLINGEN, what is a 7 letter word that is easy to read?
  1. C  Intestines of a pig
  2. B  Mohandas
  3. Every 4 years
  4. Camel
  5. True
  6. No alcohol
  7. Fondue
  8. Nairobi
  9. Sigmund Freud

QUESTIONS   9th March

The I love bello shire quick quiz appears every Tuesday in our newsletter.

  1. Vampires cannot enter homes of the living unless….
    A. they are invited in
    B. they know your blood type
    C. you don’t have a cross on the front door
    D. you have tomato juice in the fridge
  2. What trapdoor on your windpipe helps keep out food particles?
    A. Coughflar Valve
    B. Indigester Flap
    C. Epiglottis
    D. Spy de Web cover
  3. In regards to the British Sports Car MG, what do the letters MG stand for?
    A. Manchester Group
    B. Motor Grange
    C. Morris Garage
    D. Motoring Gears
  4. Insects take in oxygen through their….?
  5. What brought thousands of Irish immigrants to America?
  6. What is table salt’s chemical name?
  7. Which Australian town is named after a number?
  8. What spice helps with nausea & motion sickness?
  9. The book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” was written by?
    A. Jacque Cousteau
    B. Jules Verne
    C. Ernest Hemingway
    D. Val Taylor
  10. What is a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme?
    A. The illegal collection of Egyptian artifacts.
    B. A fraudulent investment scam
    C. The resale of crystals on the black market
    D. A plan to unite the Middle East
  1. A  They need to be invited into your home.
  2. C  Epiglottis
  3. C  Morris Garage
  4. Spiracles
  5. Famine
  6. Sodium chloride
  7. 1770
  8. Ginger
  9. B   Jules Verne
  10. B  A fraudulent investment scam

QUESTIONS   2nd March
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  1. Which Jurassic Park movie did Batman & Robin appear in?
    A.   Jurassic Park
    B.   Jurassic Park 2
    C.   Jurassic World
    D.   None
  2. Which country would you find the largest concentration of impact craters from meteorites?
    A.   Canada
    B.   New Zealand
    C.   Russia
    D.   Turkey
  3. What region makes up 75% of Russia?
  4. What mount did Abraham bring Isaac to in order to sacrifice him to the Lord?
  5. Was Isaac happy about this?
  6. A Tangelo is a cross between which 3 fruits?
  7. What is the largest kangaroo?
  8. What agency maintains the US space program?
  9. Which French heroine was burned at the stake in 1431?
  10. What is the only product Elvis Presley ever did a live TV commercial for?
    A. Donuts
    B. Beer
    C. Hair Gel
    D. Guitars
  1. D  None .  (if you answered A B or C, please don’t bother continuing)
  2. A  Canada
  3. Siberia
  4. Mt Moriah
  5. Probably not.
  6. Tangerine, Grapefruit & Orange
  7. Red Kangaroo
  8. NASA
  9. Joan of Arc
  10. A  Donuts

QUESTIONS   23rd February
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  1. What was Bob Hawke laughing about?
    A. Dr John Hewson’s GST proposal.
    B. The America’s Cup Yacht Race
    C. Promising to pass the leadership onto Paul Keating.
    D. John Howard’s eyebrows.
  2. What is the fastest growing plant?
  3. Which city is built entirely upon a series of small islands?
  4. What is the most common contaminant found in fish?
  5. What is the worst thing to come out of Brussels since the sprout?
  6. Which is the only Continent without snakes or reptiles?
  7. What style of yoga is practiced in a very warm room?
  8. According to the bible, how many people were on The Ark?
  9. What was ebay originally called?
    A. BidMe
    B. Elounder Bay
    C. AuctionWeb
    D. Bay Watch
  10. What is a Cephalopod?
    A. A small African shelter found in the desert
    B. The Greek God of sexual diseases.
    C. Marine creatures with 3 hearts & blue blood.
    D. A group of animals including centipedes & millipedes
    The i love bello shire quick quiz appears every tuesday in our newsletter online.






  1. B   The America’s Cup Yacht Race
    (Your boss sacking someone for not going to work after Australia won)
  2. Bamboo
  3. Venice
  4. Mercury
  5. Mathias Cormann
  6. Antarctica
  7. Bikram
  8. 8
  9. C  AuctionWeb
  10. C.  Marine creatures with 3 hearts & blue blood.

QUESTIONS   16th February
The I love bello shire quick quiz appears every Tuesday in our newsletter for Bellingen.

  1. Who said “If you can’t handle me at my worst,
    then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
    A. Donald Trump
    B. Marilyn Monroe
    C. Elizabeth Taylor
    D. Bob Hawke
  2. What bird can fly backwards?
    A. Hummingbird
    B. Bats
    C. Reverse Tail Eagles
    D. Beep Beep Beep Bird
  3. Who is the only musician to be awarded the Nobel prize?
    A. Bob Dylan
    B. Angry Anderson
    C. John Lennon
    D. Dame Joan Sutherland
  4. What river runs past Windsor Castle?
  5. Where are carpal bones found?
  6. What is the name of the horse with spots on its body?
  7. Which cereal grain is the most common used in beer?
  8. What is the meaning of the prefix geo?
  9. What species of whale is known for singing long, complex songs?
  10. Name this movie starring Sam Neill?
    A. Dead Calm
    B. Jurassic Park
    C. The Dish
    D. Towering Inferno





  1. B  Marilyn Monroe
  2. A  Hummingbird
  3. A. Bob Dylan
  4. Thames
  5. Wrist
  6. Appaloosa
  7. Barley
  8. Earth
  9. Humpback whale
  10.  B Jurassic Park

QUESTIONS   9th February

  1. Which French artist was best known for painting ballet dancers?
    A. Vincent Van Gogh
    B. Edgar Degas
    C. Claude Monet
    D. Peppi Le Pew
  2. Which UK act won the Eurovision song contest in 1981?
    A. Bucks Fizz
    B. The Police
    C. The Bay City Rollers
    D. Duran Duran
  3. How many Shillings in a Pound?
    A. 10
    B. 20
    C. 50
    D. 100
  4. How many different time zones does Russia have?
  5. Havana is the capital of what country?
  6. What is US President Franklin D Roosevelt’s middle name?
  7. What is the calm centre of a cyclone/hurricane called?
  8. What did Satan tempt Jesus to change stones into?
    A. Bread
    B. Wine
    C. Toga
    D. Gold
  9. What type of leaf is on the Canadian flag?
  10. Actor Christopher Plummer was born in……
    A. America
    B. Canada
    C. Germany
    D. Switzerland
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  1.  B  Edgar Degas
  2.  A  Bucks Fizz
  3.  B  20 shillings in a pound
  4. 8
  5. Cuba
  6. Delano
  7. Eye
  8. A.  Bread
  9. Maple
  10. B  Canada

QUESTIONS   26th January

I love bello shire quick quiz every tuesday in our newsletter.

  1. Who replaced James Garner in the TV show Maverick?
    A.  Roger Moore
    B.  Sean Connery
    C.  William Shatner
    D.  Mel Gibson
  2. What is the collective name of Italian made western movies?
  3. What colour is found on 75% of the world’s flags?
    A. White
    B. Blue
    C  Red
    D  Black
  4. What piece of fruit is found at the top of the Men’s Wimbledon Trophy?
    A. Prune
    B. Pineapple
    C. Starwberry
    D. Blueberries
  5. What do you call a group of jellyfish?
  6. In which country did the cocktail Mojito originate?
  7. Who directed the 1980 film The Shining?
  8. What type of fish is Nemo in Finding Nemo?
  9. Who wrote Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs?
  10. What is Japanese Sake made from?
  1. A   Roger Moore
  2.  Spaghetti Westerns
  3.  C   Red
  4.  B   Pineapple
  5.  A bloom
  6.  Cuba
  7. Stanley Kubrick
  8. Clownfish
  9. The Grimm Brothers
  10. Rice

QUESTIONS 19th January

  1. What caused the Pony Express to be discontinued?            I love bello shire weekly newsletter quick quiz appears weekly.

    A. The horse
    B. The telegraph pole
    C. The car
    D. The train

  2. Which US President had a sign on his desk that read
    “The Buck Stops Here.”
    A. Donald Trump
    B. Buck Rogers
    C. Harry Truman
    D. Bill Clinton
  3. Name the tv cartoon show that featured
    Dick Dastardly and Muttley?
  4. Who had a hit song with
    “Don’t Pay The Ferryman?”
    A. Brian Ferry
    B. The Ferrymen
    C. Chris de Burgh
    D. ZZ Top
  5. Which Australian Prime Minister disappeared at sea?
  6. Whose face is on the $10 note?
  7. Who sang the1960’s hit Sadie the Cleaning Lady?
  8. Where would I find The Big Prawn?
  9. Where would I find The Big Gold Pan?
  10. Where would I find The Big Ugg Boot?
  1. B  The telegraph
  2. C  Harry Truman
  3. Wacky Races
  4. C  Chris de Burgh
  5. Harold Holt
  6. Banjo Paterson
  7. John Farnham
  8. Ballina NSW
  9. Bathurst NSW
  10. Thornton NSW

QUESTIONS 12th January

  1. What were Ned Kelly’s last words?                           
    A. Am I allowed one final phone call?
    B. Lord have mercy on my soul.
    C. Such is life
    D. Are you sure this is tight enough?
  2. Who became Germany’s leader after Adolf Hitler?
    A. Admiral Karl Doenitz
    B. Wolfgang Snitzel
    C. Dr Wilheim Strudel
    D. Sargent Shultz
  3. How did Wall Street in New York get its name?
    A. Named after Dr Cedric M Wall. (architect)
    B. The Dutch erected a defensive wall to keep out the British.
    C. A farm wall was built to keep the bulls & the bears apart.
    D. The picket fences were replaced by brick walls as the wealthy moved in.
  4. What was ABBA’s final no.1 hit?
    A. Super Trouper
    B. Fernando
    C. Put another Clog on the Fire
    D. Our Last Summer
  5. The Ant Hill Mob, Peter Perfect & The Slag Brothers were in what TV cartoon?
  6. Which US Vice President replaced John F Kennedy when he was assassinated?
  7. What was “The Thrilla in Manilla?”
  8. Pompeii in AD 79 was engulfed in lava from Mount……?               
  9. In Get Smart, what was Maxwell Smart’s agent no.?
  10. In 2016, which film received 14 Academy Awards nominations?


  1. C  Such is life.
  2. A  Admiral Karl Doenitz
  3. B  The Dutch erected a defensive wall to keep out the British.
  4. A  Super Trouper
  5. Wacky Races
  6. Lydon B. Johnson
  7. A boxing match between Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier.
  8. Vesuvius
  9. Agent 86
  10. La La Land

QUESTIONS 5th January

  1. Princess Diana was directly related to which British Politician?
    A. Winston Churchill
    B. Louis Mountbatten                              The i love bello shire weekly newsletter quick quiz is bellingens best thing to do.
    C. Jeffrey Archer
    D. Max von Bueller
  2. Marco Polo was from
    A. Portugal
    B. France
    C. Italy
    D. Poland
  3. What was Lamborghini first known for?
    A. Sports cars
    B. Tractors
    C. Pasta (long with a curve at one end)
    D. Sheep soup from Sicily.
  4. Before the Euro, what country’s currency was called the Punt?
  5. What story / movie had bad boys changed into donkeys on Pleasure Island?
  6. Odontalgia is also known as what?
  7. Which sea is located in both Israel & Jordan?
  8. Who was the famous botanist who traveled with Captain Cook to Australia
  9. The Burgundy region of France is known for what 2 grape varieties?
  10. Name ONE of the stars from the 1993 film Hocus Pocus?
  11. In the film Hocus Pocus, what did the witches use to fly on?







  1. A  Winston Churchill
  2. C  Italy
  3. B  Tractors
  4. Republic of Ireland.
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Toothache
  7. Dead Sea
  8. Joseph Banks
  9. Pinot Noir & Chardonnay
  10. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker or Kathy Najimy
  11. Vacuum cleaners

11 Questions instead of 10

  1. Banksy is a
    A. graffiti artist
    B. character in the novels Snugglepot & Cuddlepie.
    C. retaining wall between land & the sea.
    D. peephole from an ANZ branch to watch who is using an ATM.The i love bello shire quick quiz appears every tuesday in our newsletter.
  2. Catgut, used for surgical stitching comes from which animal?
    A. Cats
    B. Rabbits
    C. Sheep
    D. Cows
  3. In 1923, the city of Constantinople was renamed
    A. Dubbo
    B. Athens
    C. Istanbul
    D. Naples
  4. What is the longest river in the world?
  5. In the TV hit show Friends, what is the cafe called?
  6. What country decorates their trees with an artificial spider web?
  7. Who was Rudolph the Reindeer’s father?
  8. The Rand is the currency of which country?
  9. What is the name of an abandoned spider web?
  10. How many teaspoons of sugar are in a can of Coke?
  11. Machu Picchu is in which country?
    1. ANSWERS 
    1. A Graffiti artist
    2. C Sheep
    3. C Istanbul
    4. The Nile (6650 km)
    5. Central Perk
    6. Ukraine
    7. Donner
    8. South Africa
    9. Cobweb
    10. About 7
    11. Peru


11 Questions instead of 10

  1. the i love bello shire quick quiz appears every tuesday in bellingen.In what modern-day country was Saint Nicholas born?
    A.  Lapland
    B.  North Pole
    C.  Norway
    D.  Turkey
  2. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Xmas tree?
    A. Christmas Islands
    B. USA
    C. Israil
    D. Germany
  3. The next 4 in line for the British crown are
    A.  Prince Charles – Prince William – Prince Harry – Prince Andrew
    B.  Prince Charles – Camilla Parker-Bowles – Prince Andrew – Sarah Ferguson
    C.  Prince Charles – Prince William – Prince George – Princess Charlotte
    D.  Prince Charles – Prince William – Prince Andrew – Prince Edward
  4. Which fashion designer reportedly had a relationship with Sir Winston Churchill?
  5. According to the song, what did my true love give to me on the eighth day of Christmas?
  6. Which two European countries starting with A are landlocked?
  7. From the Doris Day hit, what language is Que Sera, Sera.
    A. French
    B. Spanish
    C. Italian
    D. Cuban
  8. Which planet has the most gravity?
  9. What is the name of the spaceship in the TV hit show “Lost in Space.”
  10. Name the chewy caramel, crispy rice cereal with crunchy peanuts bar
    our mothers used to put in our lunch boxes?
  11. Pop group Train had a hit record in 2009 called…?








  1. D   Turkey
  2. D   Germany
  3. C   Prince Charles – Prince William – Prince George – Princess Charlotte
  4. Coco Chanel
  5. Eight maids are milking.
  6. Austria & Andorra
  7. B  Spanish
  8. Jupiter
  9. Jupiter 2
  10. Europe Jupiter Bar
  11. Drops of Jupiter    CLICK HERE for Youtube

QUESTIONS 15th DecemberThe i love bello shire quiz appears every tuesday in our newsletter.

  1. Bjorn from ABBA at age 18 joined a band called
    A.  The Swedish Beatles
    B.  Abba Dabba Doo
    C.  The Bowl Cuts
    D.  Mopparna (Swedish for The Mops)
  2. Abba’s first album was called
    A  Waterloo
    B  Ring Ring
    C  Abba’s Greatest Hits
    D. The Fab Four go to Stockholm
  3. What song did Abba sing to win the Eurovision Song Competition in 1974?
  4. Who played James Bond in Her Majesty’s Secret Service?
  5. What British TV spy series did Roger Moore star in before James Bond
  6. Brian May played guitar in which famous band?
  7. Who was born around 486BC in Nepal?
  8. What is the letter K’s value in Scrabble?
  9. What is the definition of Thanksgiving?
  10. What is the biggest state in America?

    ANSWERS the quick quiz appears every tuesday in the i love bello shire newsletter.
    1. A   The Swedish Beatles
    2. B   Ring Ring
    3. Waterloo
    4. George Lazenby
    5. The Saint
    6. Queen
    7. Buddha
    8. 5
    9. A day of giving thanks & sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest & the preceding year.
    10. Alaska

QUESTIONS  8th Decemberthe i love bello shire weekly quiz appears every tuesday in bellingen.

  1. Francis Bacon was famous for
    A. a type of pig breed south of Paris
    B. inventing the skivvy
    C. being an explorer of Asia & Africa,
    D. the unification of England & Scotland
    E. being the first to join the moustache with the goatee.
  2. The Caesar Salad was named after
    A.  Julius Caesar
    B.  Caesar Cardini from Tijuana
    C.  an Italian restaurant in Naples called Caesars
    D.  by Italian chef Nino Cruton
  3. The month July was named after which historical leader?
  4. Which South African President released Nelson Mandela?
  5. What is the capital of Qatar
  6. The Galapagos Islands are in which country?
  7. Bangladesh was formerly known as…?
  8. In the Simpsons, who is always trying to kill Bart?
  9. Who does Bruce Banner turn into when he gets angry?
  10. Who received an Oscar for directing “Platoon” in 1986?
The i love bello weekly quiz appears every tuesday.
  1.  D The unification of England & Scotland.
  2. B Caesar Cardini (an Italian) stuck in Tijuana during prohibition.
  3. Julius Caesar
  4. F.W. de Klerk in 1990
  5. Doha
  6. Ecuador
  7. East Pakistan
  8. Sideshow Bob
  9. The Hulk
  10. Oliver Stone

QUESTIONS 1st December

  1. The statement “The hand of God” refers to
    A. Donald Trump at a Miss Universe contest
    B. A goal scored by Maradona against England
    C. Wrestler Haystacks Calhoun’s famous “squirrel grip”
    D. Treasurer Paul Keating who could give with one hand & take away with another.
  2. What is the name of Canada’s anthem?
    A. O Canada
    B. La Marseillaise
    C. Champs-Elysées
    D. Advance Canada Fair
  3. What is Fugu?
    A. A Japanese delicacy made from puffer fish meat
    B. A Fijian policeman
    C. A Swiss dessert similar to flummery.
    D. An African spear with a poisonous tip.
  4. Why is Flummery not found on restaurant dessert lists anymore?
  5. What is known as Llymru in Wales, Sowens in Scotland & Wash-brew in England?
  6. What was Ned Kellys mode of death?
  7. Which Apollo mission landed on the moon?
  8. In ancient Japan all people who gave massages had to be
    A. wearing a kimono
    B. blind
    C. prostitutes
    D. 2nd born in a family
  9. What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?
  10. What US President was known as “the peanut president”?
  1.  B A goal scored by Maradona against England using his hand, not his head.
  2.  A  O Canada
  3.  A  A Japanese delicacy made from puffer fish meat that is potentially poisonous.
  4.  There is no reason and it should be.
  5.  Flummery
  6.  Hung by rope
  7.  Apollo 11
  8.  B  Blind
  9.  Spencer
  10.  Jimmy Carter

QUESTIONS 24th November

the i love bello shire quick quiz appears weekly in the newsletter every tuesday.

  1. What is the world’s smallest bird?
    A. Beatle bird
    B. Dwarf Sparrow
    C. Weebill
    D. Bee Hummingbird
  2. What is Barbie’s (the doll) full name?
    A. Barbara Millicent Roberts
    B. Barbara dela Hoyde
    C. Barbie Kew
    D. Barbie Dole
  3. What is the highest amount of points you can earn in a game of tenpin bowls?
  4. How did football great Pele get his name?
    A. His name was Juan Pele del Quatro, but there was already 34 Juan’s in his town.
    B. A nickname from school
    C. Pele is Brazilian for “peel” and he used to peel an orange everyday at school.
    D. His football coach named him after Brazilian great Jose Pele.
  5. How many first moves are there in a game of chess?
  6. What word is used as the international radio distress call?
  7. What does NATO stand for?
  8. A flag flown upside down is a signal of what?
  9. State Fair Omaha” appears on what famous balloon?
  10. In a deck of cards, which king does not have a moustache?
  1.  D. Bee Hummingbird from Cuba
  2.  A. Barbara Millicent Roberts
  3.  300
  4.  B a nickname from school because he pronounced a players name incorrectly.
  5.  20 Each pawn has 2 options (16) Each knight has 2 options (4)
  6.  Mayday
  7. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  8. Distress
  9. The Wizard of Oz’s.
  10. King of Hearts

QUESTIONS 17th November

i love bello shire quick quiz every tuesday.

  1. The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City takes its name because
    A. it has over 6 cistern toilets on each floor.
    B. Pope Sixtus IV (Sisto to his mates) commissioned it
    C. three sisters recommended the idea to Pope Benedict XV
    D. it took sixteen (Sistine) years to build due to council regulations.
  2. Artist Rembrandt’s last name was ?
    A. Smith
    B. Pastel
    C. van Rijn
    D. Depardieu
  3. Who invented man-made fizzy drinks?
    A.  F.R. Vessence
    B.  Dr John Pemberton
    C.  Peter Soda
    D. Joseph Priestley
  4. What species of whale was Moby Dick?
  5. Hansel & Gretel’s father’s occupation?
  6. What comes before a black belt in karate?
  7. How long can I keep doing this weekly quiz?
  8. Samsung is from which country?
  9. Professor Plum is in which board game?
  10. How many years would it take a spacecraft to get from Earth to Pluto?
  1. B   Pope Sixtus IV commissioned it. Sixtus in Italian is Sisto.
  2. C  van Rijn
  3. D  Joseph Priestley
  4. Sperm Whale
  5. Woodchopper
  6. Brown belt
  7. Not much longer…I am running out of questions.
  8. South Korea
  9. Cluedo
  10. 9.5 years

QUESTIONS 10th November
the i love bello shire quiz is in our newsletter every tuesday.

  1. Who designed the Campbell’s Soup Cans in 1962?
    A.  Artist Andy Warhol
    B.  Singer Glen Campbell
    C.  Artist Salvador Dali
    D.  Chef Margaret Fulton
  2. Which European city has the lowest road accident rate?
    A.   Monte Carlo
    B.   Venice
    C.   Luxembourg City
    D.   Seville
  3. Which country was first to let women have a vote?
  4. Which country’s name means “the low lands”?
  5. What city’s opera house does The Phantom of the Opera prowl?
  6. The Pyrenees Mountains surround which country?
  7. Name the 3 types of sharks that attack humans the most?
  8. Where is the Sistine Chapel?
  9. What is the 1st animal in the dictionary?
  10. What is the capital of Switzerland?
  1.  A   Andy Warhol
  2.  B   Venice
  3. New Zealand 1893
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Paris
  6. Andorra
  7. Bull, Tiger & White Pointer
  8. Vatican City
  9. Aardvark
  10. Bern

QUESTIONS 3rd November

  1. the i love bello shire quick quiz is a great thing to do.How many hands does the Big Ben Clock have?
    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 8
    D. 12
  2. Mark David Chapman was famous for
    A. first Olympic gold medal for Canada in Javelin
    B. shooting John Lennon
    C. the Granny Killer murders in Sydney
    D. being the Boston Strangler
  3. When leaving Bellingen on Kalang Road, what is the first road on the left?
  4. In scrabble, what is the value of the letter J?
  5. What 5 American States start with either North, South, East or West?
  6. What nuts are traditionally used to make Pesto?
  7. What are the first names of the Blues Brothers?
  8. What can you not do if you have Anosmia?
  9. Name the 3 countries that have made successful moon landings?
  10. Which jazz musician was nicknamed Satchmo?
  1. C   8 (2 on each face)
  2. B   Shooting John Lennon
  3. Sunny Corner Road
  4. The letter J is worth 8 points.
  5. North Dakota, North Carolina, South Dakota, South Carolina & West Virginia.
  6. Pine nuts
  7. Jake & Elwood
  8. Smell
  9. USA, China & Soviet Union
  10. Louis Armstrong

QUESTIONS    27th October

  1. If you are a FUN AMBULATOR you are a
    A. Hospital clown
    B. Tight-rope walker
    C. Stand-up comic
    D. Medical kit on a cruise ship
    the i love bello shire quiz appears every tuesday morning.
  2.  Betty Nesmith Graham was famous for
    A. inventing liquid paper & leaving a fortune to guitarist Mike Nesmith.
    B. flying solo from Fiji to Brisbane.
    C. the recipe for Jatz Cracker biscuits.
    D. being married to evangelistic Billy Graham.
  3. Only 2 men have won the Grand Slam of Tennis. Rod Laver (twice) and
    A. Don Budge 1938
    B. Bjorn Borg 1983
    C. Pete Sampras 1996
    D. Roger Federer 2015
    E. Rafael Nadal 2016
  4. Which woman has not won the Grand Slam of Tennis?
    A. Maureen Connelly 1953
    B. Margaret Smith 1970
    C. Seffi Graf 1988
    D. Serena Williams 2014
  5. The Terracotta Army are
    A. a large group of Spanish ants.
    B. a Mexican soccer supporters group
    C. a collection of chinese sculptures
    D. Greek plate breaking champions
  6. Red Stripe beer comes from where?
  7. What was Harry Potter’s parents name?
  8. What name is given to a baby swan?
  9. Which embassy did Julian Essange take refuge in?
  10. James Bond villain Goldfinger was guarded by who?
    The I love bello shire quiz every tuesday morning.
  1. B  Tight-rope walker
  2. A   Inventing liquid paper & leaving a fortune to ‘The Monkees’ guitarist Mike Nesmith.
  3. A   Don Budge 1938
  4. D  Serena Williams 2014
  5. C  A collection of Chinese sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.
  6. Jamaica
  7. James & Lilly
  8. Cygnet
  9. Ecuador
  10. Oddjob

QUESTIONS   20th October

The i love bello shire quiz.







  1. Who was the highest paid male actor in 2020?
    A. Dwayne Johnston
    B. Ryan Reynolds
    C. Ryan Maloney (pic)
    D. Mark Wahlberg

  2. Which statement is incorrect?
    A. Casablanca is the name of a 1944 movie
    B. Casablanca is a Moroccan city
    C. Casablanca is “White House” in Spanish
    D. Casablanca is the capital of Morocco
  3. The car manufacturer Volvo originated in which country?
  4. How many strings does a ukulele have?
  5. Name the 6 costumes worn by the Village People in YMCA.
  6. What would your job be if you used a Queen Excluder?
    A  Manager of the fan club of pop group Queen
    B  Buckingham Palace concierge
    C  Beekeeper
    D  Illegal card shuffler
  7.  What property in Monopoly can be purchased for 240 pounds?
  8. Harper Lee is best known for what?
  9. What is the Japanese word that means empty orchestra?
  10. What are the first names of the 3 members of the Bee Gees?
  1. A Dwayne Johnston
  2. D Casablanca is not the capital of Morocco….it is Rabat.
  3. Sweden
  4. 4
  5. Policeman, Indian, Soldier, Construction Worker, Biker & Cowboy
  6. C   Beekeeper (the brood chamber is the part of the hive that the queen is confined in to raise brood or baby bees
  7. Trafalgar Square
  8. Author of To Kill a Mockingbird.
  9. Karaoke
  10. Barry, Robin & Maurice.

QUESTIONS    13th October

  1. the i love bello shire quick quiz is in our newsletter every week.Who invented the idea of Television in 1876?
    A. Telly Savalas
    B. Roger Melly
    C. George Carey
    D. Sven Teevy
  2. Campanology is the art or practice of what?
    A. Designing campgrounds
    B  Tent assembly
    C  Origami with tissues
    D  The ringing of bells
  3. What 4 countries have a border with Italy?
  4. What prison did Nelson Mandela spend 18 years in?
  5. How did the Canary bird get its name?
  6. Carrick, reef, beer & granny are all types of what?
  7. What is considered the most used consonant in the English language?
  8. What is the most used vowel in the English language?
  9. What is the least used letter in the English language?
  10. What is a Palindrome?
  1. C    George Carey
  2. D    The ringing of bells
  3. Switzerland, France, Austria & Slovenia.
  4. Robben Island
  5. The small yellow bird was found in the Canary Islands.
  6. Knots
  7. T
  8. E
  9. Q
  10. A word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards of backwards. (kayak)

QUESTIONS    6th October

  1. What is Australia’s lowest point
    A. Donald Trump’s visit in 1987
    B. The bottom of Lake Eyre
    C. Tasmania
    D. Tony Abbott eating a raw onion

    T abbott.jpg
  2. How did the Oval Office get its name in the White House?
    A.  It was named after President Theodore Oval Roosevelt.
    B.  It has a view of the White House oval (used for events) from the window.
    C.  It is oval in shape
    D.  It was first used for serving hot chocolate to visiting dignitaries. (Ovaltine)
  3. Who played the female lead in the movie Scarface with Al Pacino?
  4. What child star played alongside Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer?
    The Horse Whisperer.jpg
  5. The national animal of Canada is the
    A. Beaver
    B. Grizzly Bear
    C. Moose
    D. Eastern Skunk
  6. After which animal are the Canary Islands named?
  7. Fromology is the study of what?
  8. Which capital city is located furthest south in the world?
  9. According to Greek Mythology, who was the goddess of beauty?
  10. Which nuts are used in Waldorf Salad?
  1. B The bottom of Lake Eyre (-16 metres)
  2. C It is Oval in shape
  3. Michelle Pfeiffer
  4. Scarlett Johansson
  5. A    Beaver
  6. Dog….Canary Islands is likely derived from the latin name Isla Canarias, meaning “island of dogs.”
  7. Cheese
  8. Wellington NZ
  9. Aphrodite
  10. Walnuts

QUESTIONS   29th September

William Shakespeare.jpg
  1.  Which statements are FALSE about William Shakespeare?
    A. As an adult, his mother still helped him choose his outfits
    B. Shakespeare’s father was a beer taster
    C. Shakespeare’s children were probably illiterate
    D. Shakespeare was also an actor
    E. Many of Shakespeare’s shirts were made from old doilies
  2. Guttapercha is
    A. someone who can’t make-up their mind
    B. where you leave your wheelie bin
    C. someone who uses bad language
    D. part of a golf ball
  3. What is the most venomous animal in Australia?
    A. Box Jellyfish
    B. Bull Ant
    C. Inland Taipan Snake
    D. Sydney Funnel Web Spider
  4. Which is colder…South Pole or North Pole?
  5. Debbie Harry was the lead singer of which band?
  6. In “Jack & the Beanstalk”, what did Jack swap for his magic beans?
  7. Name 3 African countries beginning with T?
  8. Which cocktail is made with rum, pineapple juice & coconut milk?
  9. Name 2 of 3 countries that have “man” in their name?
  10. In 1889, what was the world’s tallest structure?
  1. A.  His mother did not continue to dress her adult son.
    E   His shirts were not made from old doilies
  2. D  Indonesian rubber extract used to form the centre of golf balls
  3. A   Box Jellyfish
  4. South Pole
  5. Blondie
  6. His cow
  7. Tunisia, Togo & Tanzania.
  8. Pina Colada
  9. Germany, Romania & Oman
  10. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

QUESTIONS   22nd September

  1.   Bob Flowerdew (pic) is famous for
    A. gardening knowledge
    B. cooking shows
    C. travel in Scandinavian countries.
    D. being a Chippendale Stripper

  2.    In what year did the last execution by guillotine occur in France?
    A. 1768
    B. 1842
    C. 1888
    D. 1977
  3. The top 5 coffee producers in the world in order are
    A. Brazil  Columbia  India  Vietnam  Indonesia
    B. Brazil  Vietnam  Indonesia  Columbia   Ethiopia
    C. Brazil Vietnam Columbia  India  Indonesia
    D. Brazil  Colombia  Vietnam   India  Sri Lanka
  4. In the 1980 boxing movie Raging Bull, who played Jake LaMotta?
  5. What does the term “Piano” mean?
  6. The size of an earthquake is measured using what?
  7. Lamborghini is now owned by which car manufacturer?
  8. What name does deer meat go by?
  9. What is the national dish of Spain?
  10. Which element is said to keep bones strong?
  1.   A   Garden knowledge (organic gardener and television and radio presenter.
    He is a regular panel member of BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time)
  2.   D  1977  (unlucky)  
  3.   B   Brazil  Colombia  Indonesia  Vietnam  Ethiopia
  4.   Robert De Niro
  5.   Piano means “To be played softly”
  6.   Richter Scale
  7.   Volkswagen
  8.   Venison
  9.   Paella
  10.   Calcium

QUESTIONS    15th September

  1. Who said “Look after no.1 & don’t step on No.2.”
    A.  Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop II
    B.  Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School
    C.  Robert De Niro in Meet the Fockers
    D.  Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore
  2. Who invented the game of softball?
    A. Graham Base
    B. George Hancock
    C. Peter Homer
    D. Mary Dickson
  3. Name the 3 American States that end with the letter O?
  4. What was the former name of New York?
  5. What are the three primary colours?
  6. What is the Turkish word for lamb?
  7. The Quarrymen became what famous rock group?
  8. What malformation did Marilyn Monroe have when she was born?
  9. What is polydactyly?
  10. Which book did Mary Shelley write when she was 19?
  1.  B  Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School
  2.  B  George Hancock
  3.  Ohio   Colorado   Idaho
  4. New Amsterdam
  5. Blue, yellow & red
  6. Kebab
  7. The Beatles
  8. Six toes
  9. Polydactyly is when humans or animals have extra fingers or toes.
  10. Frankenstein

QUESTIONS  8th September

  1. Singer Boy George’s birth name was
    A   George Michaels
    B   George McTavish
    C   Michael George
    D   George O’Dowd
    E   All of the above
    i love bello shire quiz

  2. American Ralph Lauren was famous for
    A   developing a tablet to prevent vomiting
    B   Formula One car racing
    C   fashion design
    D   the overhead projector
  3. Which country had the first female president?
  4. How many American States out of 50 end with a vowel?
    A.  less than 18
    B.  22
    C.  27
    D.  more than 30
  5.  Which two months are named after Roman Emperors?
  6.  First woman to sail around the world non-stop?
  7.  How many time-zones are there in the world?
  8.  What was Zimbabwe called before?
  9.  How many continents are there?
  10.  In which city was the Titanic built?
  1.  D   George O’Dowd
  2.  C    Fashion design
  3.  Ireland
  4.  D    More than 30 (32)
  5.  July & August
  6. Kay Cottee
  7. 24
  8. Rhodesia
  9. 7
  10. Belfast

QUESTIONS 1st September

  1. What does BMW (car brand) stand for?
    A   Bavarian Motor Works
    B   British Motor Works
    C   Brussels Motoring Warehouse
    D   Berlin Meat Works
  2. What is the common name of dried plums?
  3. What was Superman’s birth name?
    A   Clark Kent
    B   Jim Naysium
    C   Kal-El
    D   Bob
  4. In the Blues Brothers, Jake & Elwood liked which 2 types of music?
  5. What is a group of frogs called?
  6. Who said Man who run in front of bus gets tired, man who runs behind bus gets exhausted?
    A Confucius
    B Socrates
    C Warren Weick
    D Unknown
  7. Who lived at 221b Baker Street?
  8. In The Thunderbirds, what was Lady Penelope’s chauffeur’s name?
    i love bello shire quiz.












9.Which animal is the fastest in the world?
A. Thoroughbred Horse
B. Cheetah
C. The Cobra
D. Peregrine Falcon

10.Before being named Melbourne, what was the city known as?
A. Batmania
B. Gotham City
C. Penguin Town
D. Yarra

  1.  A  Bavarian Motor Works
  2.  Prunes
  3.  C  Kal-El
  4.  Country & Western
  5.  Army
  6. D   Unknown
  7. Sherlock Holmes
  8. Parker
  9. D  Peregrine Falcon
  10. A.  Batmania – Named after John Batman who built a settlement on the Yarra River.

QUESTIONS 18th August

  1. Who is often called the father of computers?
    A   Dr Michael Ram
    B   Con Pewter
    C   Charles Babbage
    D   Bill Gates
  2. Who is often credited with creating the world’s first car?
    A   Karl Benz
    B   James Hillman
    C   Alf Romeo
    D   Wilhelm Carr
  3. What other name is corn known as?
  4. True or False?
    Philosopher Karl Marx’s sister Onya was famous for inventing the Starter’s Pistol in athletics?
  5. Who wrote Old Man & the Sea?
  6. Who was the main star in McHales Navy?    (pictured)
  7. What is a female donkey called?
  8. How many eyes does a bee have?
  9. Who designed the Sydney Opera House?
  10. What did Al Capone’s business card state his occupation was?
    A  Greetings Card Salesman
    B  Undertaker
    C  Surgeon
    D  Used Furniture Salesman


  1. C   Charles Babbage
  2.  A   Karl Benz
  3.  Maize
  4.  False    Onya Marx is a made up name
  5.  Ernest Hemingway
  6.  Ernest Borgnine
  7.  a Jenny
  8.  5
  9. Jorn Utzon
  10. D    Used furniture Salesman

QUESTIONS 11th August

  1. Dom Perignon, the inventor of champagne
    A.  was also famous for designing toga’s
    B.  had a bottleshop in the Dordogne.
    C.  was known for his Friar Tuck haircut
    D.  was a Benedictine Monk.
  2. Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?
  3. What is someone who shoes horses called?
  4. What is another word for lexicon?
    A. Bible
    B. Dictionary
    C. Thief
    D. Prison
  5. Name the seventh planet from the sun?
  6. Who invented the rabies vaccination?
    A. Louis Pasteur
    B. Claude Monet
    C. Graham Froth
    D. Dr Cecil Mange
  7. Prague is the capital city of…
  8. How many Wimbledon Men’s Singles titles did Bjon Borg win?
  9. In needlework, what does UFO refer to?
  10. What is the correct name of the painting The Mona Lisa?
    A. La Gioconda (The Jovial)
    B. Not Happy Jan
    C. Woman in Black
    D. Mood of a Lady



  1.  D   a Benedictine Monk
  2.  The Moon
  3.  A Farrier
  4.  B   Dictionary
  5.  Uranus
  6.  A   Louis Pasteur
  7.  Czech Republic
  8.  5
  9.  an Unfinished Object
  10.  A   La Gioconda   (The Jovial)

QUESTIONS 4th August

  1. Using only the letters D  O  R  R  I  G  O what is a 5 letter word starting with R – – – –?
  2. What was Bellingen restaurant No.5 Church Street called in 2003?
  3. Is Urunga closer to Sydney or Brisbane?
  4. Which chess piece cannot move in a straight line?
  5. What is the capital of Pakistan?
  6. What is the Spanish word for Fox?
    A     Zorro
    B     El Crafti
    C     de Foox
    D     Kaye-nine
  7. What are you doing if you pandiculate?
  8. What sickness is caused by lack of vitamin D?
  9. What does the acronym USB stand for?
    A   United Standard Betta
    B   Universal Serial Bus
    C   Unlimited Saving Back-up
    D   You Sain Bolt
  10. What colour do you get if you mix red & blue?
  1. Rigor.   Strictness or severity, as in action or judgement.
  2. Cool Creek Cafe
  3. Brisbane   410 km    (Sydney 498 km)
  4. Knight
  5. Islamabad
  6. A     Zorro
  7. Yawning
  8. Ricketts
  9. B     Universal Serial Bus
  10. Purple


  1. Using the letters U  R  U  N  G  A what is the 5 letter word starting with A?
  2. The town of Bellingen was previously known as ………..
  3. Who wrote the Famous Five book series?
  4. Where were the Bee Gees born?
    A. London
    B. Isle of Man
    C. Hurstville, Sydney
    D. Fitzroy, Melbourne
  5. What is the surname of the singer known as Sting?
    A. Ray
    B  Gee
    C  Sumner
    D  Erchart
  6. What was Tarzan’s preferred choice of clothing?
  7. In the theatre, what name is given to the part of the stage that points out into the audience?
  8. Topiary is what?
  9. What type of goat produces mohair?
  10. Catching a crab is a saying in which sport?
  1. Augur   (An ancient Roman religious official who foretold events
    by observing and interpreting signs and omens)
  2. Boat Harbour (changed to Bellingen in 1871)
  3. Enid Blyton
  4. B   Isle of Man
  5. C   Sumner
  6. Loincloth
  7. The Apron.
  8. The art of cutting shrubs into ornamental shapes
  9. Angora
  10. Rowing or sculling


  1. Using only the letters B  E  L  L  I  N  G  E  N what is a 7 letter word starting with L
  2. Who is known as The Mayor of Darkwood?
  3. What was Urunga previously called?
  4. What crop became popular in Dorrigo in the 1930’s?
  5. True or False? Australia has over 10,000 beaches.
  6. Which Australian Prime Minister said “Go all the way with LBJ”?
  7. In America 10 cents is called a …….?
  8. What is the Italian word for “scratched drawings” found on walls all over the world?
  9. A magnum of champagne is how many litres?
  10. Which large animal can produce suntan lotion from its own natural secretions?
    A. Whale
    B. Hippo
    C. Elephant
    D. Orangutan
  1. Legible
  2. Darcey Browning
  3. Bellinger Heads. The village of Urunga was proclaimed in 1894.
  4. Potato growing
  5. True     10,685
  6. Harold Holt
  7. Dime
  8. Graffiti
  9. 1.5 litres
  10. B  Hippo


  1. Which famous person has not lived in the Bellingen Shire?
    A. Jimmy Hannan TV & radio star
    B. Ben Cropp ocean adventurer & filmmaker
    C. Jon English actor & singer
    D. Doug Parkinson singer & performer
  2. The famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch (pictured) was painted
    A. at The Lido in Urunga
    B. at a fjord overlooking Oslo
    C. using crayons
    D. as a tribute to his favourite movie “The Blob” from 1958.
  3. George Orwall famously travelled to fight in which conflict?
  4. The National Animal of Scotland is a ….?
    A. Unicorn
    B. Stallion
    C. Push me Pull You
    D. Lama
  5. What is longer…a nautical mile or a mile?
  6. Before the word “cheese” was said to make people smile
    in a photo, what word did they use?
  7. What is Postman Pat’s surname?
  8. Which Italian city is considered the home of pizza?
  9. What country is boarded by Belgium, France & Germany?
  10. Eye of the Tiger was the theme song in
    A. Rocky
    B. Rocky ll
    C. Rocky lll
    D. The Lion King
  1. D. Doug Parkinson
  2. B Fjord overlooking Oslo.
  3. The Spanish Civil War
  4. A. Unicorn
  5. a nautical mile (1.15 miles)
  6. Prunes
  7. Clifton
  8. Naples
  9. Luxembourg
  10. C. Rocky lll

QUESTIONS  7th  July

  1. What was a “Drogher” used for in the Bellingen Shire around 100 years ago?
    A.  Sedating horses dragging logs
    B.  A vessel on the rivers
    C.  A lamp on the headlands to signal ships
    D.  A made-up word to confuse people doing a quiz
  2. Cathedral Rock in the National Park is made up of what type of rock?
  3. Until 1923, what was Istanbul formerly known as?
  4. Actor Wayne Knight (Newman in Seinfeld) also played
    A. Flounder in Animal House
    B. The mailman in Beverly Hills Cop 2
    C. Catcher for The New York Yankees B side.
    D. Stan in Dirty Dancing
  5. The National Flower of Japan is?
  6. What country has the most islands in the world
    A. Sweden
    B. Indonesia
    C. Australia
    D. Ireland
  7. What is the capital of Canada?
  8. What is the slang name of New York City used by locals?
  9. How many keys does a classic piano have?
  10. Name Disney’s first film?
  1. B  Drogers made their way up and down the rivers carrying goods & foodstuffs to isolated hinterland communities before returning to the waiting ships with produce & raw materials for the big city.
  2. Granite boulders perched on top of one another to a height of about 200 m over about 1 km.
  3. Constantinople.
  4. D  Stan in Dirty Dancing.
  5. The Cherry Blossom.
  6. A. Sweden (over 220,000)
  7. Ottawa
  8. Gotham
  9. 88
  10. Snow White in 1937


  1. TRUE or FALSE : Warren Weick’s first job when he left school was in the
    Hammond & Wheatley Emporium in the Men’s & Boy’s Wear department?
  2. What does Urunga mean?
  3. Name the controversial sculpture proposed for Dorrigo in the main street? (pictured)
  4. Latin America includes countries from
    A. South America
    B. North & South America
    C. Central America only
    D. North, South, Central America + The Caribbean
  5. Name the leader of the Federal National Party / Deputy Prime Minister of Australia?
  6. Who played Ned Kelly in the 1970 Australian film Ned Kelly?
    A. John Waters
    B. Mick Jagger
    C. Reg Livermore
    D. Jon English
  7. What are the real names of HG Nelson & Rampaging Roy Slaven?
  8. Was Bellingen born cricketer Adam Gilchrist ever selected to captain Australia in a test match?
  9. Who said this……”It’s freezing & snowing in New York…we need global warming.”
  10. Two Way Street is the name of what service offered by The Bello Youth Hub?
  1. TRUE. It was where he learnt his sales skills for Real Estate.
  2. Urunga is reputedly an Aboriginal word meaning Long White Sand.
  3. Water Cloud.
  4. D   North, South, Central & The Caribbean
  5. Michael McCormack. 
  6. B   Mick Jagger
  7. Greg Pickhaver (HG Nelson) & John Doyle. (Rampaging Roy Slaven)
  8. Yes…..6 times.
  9. Donald Trump
  10. Free driving supervision to get you licensed and on the road.


  1. What was the first cement brick building in Australia?
  2. Name the famous Dorrigo tourist attraction that has never opened?
  3. Complete the saying “Urunga. Where the rivers……………”
  4. Australia has won how many Olympic medals in squash?
  5. Which country has the longest straight train track in the world?
    A)  Australia
    B)  India
    C)  Russia
    D)  USA
  6. What is the largest muscle in the human body or a Roman centurion’s  name?
  7. What do you pay for a haircut at the Bellingen Barbershop on cheap Tuesday?
  8. Why was Tug of War removed from the Olympics in 1924?
    A) The rope broke
    B) Not enough countries were keen.
    C) The Olympics had too many events
    D) The participants refused to wear toga’s.
  9. What number is considered unlucky for the chinese?
  10. Is the Big Banana really that big?
  1. Hammond & Wheatley building in Bellingen.
  2. Dorrigo Steam Railway Museum.   CLICK HERE to view.
  3. “Urunga. Where the rivers meet the sea
  4. None. Squash has never been an Olympic sport.
  5. A) Australia. The Indian Pacific that travels from Sydney to Perth.
  6. Gluteus Maximus
  7. $20
  8. C) The Olympics had too many events. 33 events in total were removed.
  9. 4  because it is nearly homophonous to the word “death” in Cantonese.
  10. Compared to the Big Prawn it is a bit disappointing.


  1. The suburb Bad Bellingen can be found in which country?
  2. What is the annual fishing event held in Mylestom called?
  3. Most streets in Dorrigo are named after what?
  4. How many Prime Ministers did Australia have in 2013?
  5. The bronze statue of “The Thinker” by Rodin can be found in which city? (photo)
  6. Tug of War was an Olympic Sport
    A)  Never
    B)  Once
    C)  6 Times
    D)  wearing toga’s.
  7. What cuisine is served at The Old Butter Factory on Friday nights?
  8. How many shades of white are there?
  9. Which river runs through Alice Springs?
  10. When was John Farnham’s Farewell Tour?
  1. Bad Bellingen is found in the German State of Baden- Wurttemberg.
  2. Putt Bennett Fishing Festival.
  3. Types of timber. Cypress, Mahogany, Ash, Tallowood, Rosewood, Hickory, Myrtle etc.
  4. 3   (Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott)
  5. In the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris.
  6. C) 6 times.  1900 to 1920
  7. Tapas.
  8. Officially unknown. It would appear to be over 400.
  9. Todd River
  10. 2002. (I think it is still going)


  1. The oval on Morgo st Urunga is also colloquially known as…..?
  2. The Glenreagh to Dorrigo Railway operated from 1924 to 1972 & closed due to…..?
  3. Novelist Peter Carey won the Booker Prize twice for Oscar & Lucinda and ……?
  4. A Bloody Mary contains tomato juice and ……?
  5. Who has sung the theme song in three James Bond Films?
  6. What is the collective noun for a group of lions?
  7. Spell Doctor Karl’s surname ? (pictured)
  8. Which actor played James Bond before Daniel Craig?
  9. How many valves does the heart have?
  10. Which spelling is correct:

a  accomodation
b  accommodation
c  accomadation
d  acommodation


Q1.  The Cabbage Patch or “The Patch.”

Q2.  Flood damage.

Q3.  True History of the Kelly Gang.

Q4.  Vodka

Q5.  Shirley Bassey

Q6.  Pride

Q7.  Kruszelnicki

Q8.  Pierce Brosnan

Q9.  Four – Mitral, tricuspid, aorta & pulmononic.

Q10. b accommodation


1. How many towns have the Dorrigo Post Code of 2453?
A.   10
B.   13
C.   20
D.   21
2.  Urunga Railway Station was opened in
A. 1923
B. 1951
C. Sept 1961
D. 1962
3.  Name the Bellingen restaurant that serves Tapas on Friday nights?4.  Name the Bellingen Rugby League team mascot?5.  In 2018 which city received the most tourist?A.  Paris
B.  London
C.  Dubai
D.  Bangkok
6.  Who painted the Mona Lisa?
7.  Name the professor (pictured) and his famous saying.
8.  Name The ABC Coffs Coast radio morning presenter who lives in Bellingen?
9.  The Lido at Urunga got it’s name from
A.  Barry Lido (architect)
B.  The Lido red crab
C.  The Skyhooks single “Lido, is not a dirty word.”
D.   a public open-air swimming pool or bathing beach.
10. Name 10 towns with the Dorrigo post code of 2453 ?


  1. 20 towns
  2. A. 1923

  3. Old Butter Factory

  4. Magpies

  5. D. Bangkok

  6. Leonardo Da Vinci

  7. Professor Sumner Miller: Why is it So?

  8. Fi Poole

  9. D.   a public open-air swimming pool or bathing beach.


7   Good
8   Very Good
9   Excellent
10 The Master
11  Cheated



  1. Which Australian State or Territory has the longest inland border length? (not coastal)
  2. Name the 2003 comedy film made in Bellingen?
  3. What was Arthur Conan Doyle famous for?
  4. Name the Island on the north side of the Kalang River as it flows into the sea?
  5. Don Dorrigo
    A. was a Spanish General
    B. was a variation of Dundurriga (Gumbainggirr for Stringybark
    C. Gazette is the local newspaper
    D. possibly all of the above.
  6. What is the wettest month on average in Bellingen?
  7. What does the “D” stand for in COVID?
  8. Name the NSW opposition leader? (Labor)
  9. Who was the Mayor before Dominic King?
  10. Is Short Cut Road Raleigh really a short cut?


  1. NSW
  2. Danny Deckchair
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Yello Rock Island
  5. D.  Possibly all of the above (does anyone really know for sure?)
  6. March
  7. Disease
  8. Jodi McKay
  9. Mark Troy
  10. Yes. And No. If one is travelling Between Bellingen and Urunga, well, Yes. If one is travelling from Bellingen to Coffs Harbour, it’s not.
7   Good
8   Very Good
9   Excellent
10 The Master
11  Cheated