Bellingen Shire is a vibrant, prosperous and inclusive community supported by a strong and sustainable local economy.  As a location, it is undergoing some exciting changes. Some of these include the Pacific Highway bypass at Urunga, the Bellingen Main Street redesign, the on-going upgrade of Waterfall Way and the roll out of the NBN. These will all present some valuable opportunities for economic development.

Our vision for the future must encompass all aspects of living and working in our shire, as well as ways in which we are connected beyond our borders – regionally, nationally and globally. Our vision is about protecting the pristine natural beauty of our environment and enhancing our prosperous and safe community where inclusiveness and sustainable living are embraced, so that creativity and cultural activity can flourish.

Connected, Sustainable, Creative.


We are a community that is inclusive, connected to each other in our shire, and with connections beyond – regionally, nationally, and globally.


We strive to live sustainably to ensure that we have enough for all, forever.


We are a community that is creatively and culturally dynamic. We are ingenious and inventive in finding innovative solutions to problems and challenges.

Top photo credit: Sooz Myhill

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