Backchat: Suzanne Atkinson of Cardow & Partners Property Bellingen

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Rod chats with Suzanne Atkinson of Cardow & Partners Property Bellingen, who really knows how to keep a secret.

How long have you been selling Real Estate?
Thirteen years- I started with Ray White in Coffs Harbour.

How long have you been with Cardows?
Ten wonderful & happy years working with Nathan Cardow & the team.

What do you like about your work?
I get to help clients make life changing decisions.  In this industry you need to be multi-talented and be able to work across cultures.  I get the freedom to move around while meeting new and interesting people and places.

What is the most important skill you have?
Listening, communication & negotiation.  I’m open and still willing to learn new things each day.

What did you learn today?
Not to let you in next time you call.

Best advise for someone new to real estate?
Stick with it, continue to learn & always listen.

How has Bellingen changed?
I find it is still the vibrant & wonderful community it always has been.

Any previous careers?
I was a co-ordinator for Bellingen Family Day Care and a teacher in a child care certificate course.  I also  ran my own business as a child protection trainer.

Any future plans?
To keep growing, learning & to enjoy every day while living & working in wonderful Bellingen.

Your best memory of childhood was?
Playing at Coogee beach with my brothers & sisters.

Your best sporting moment was?
When my daughter Lola achieved her black belt in Karate or when South Sydney won the grand final.

Shall I put you down as a non-sportsperson?
That would be correct.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Being a wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter & friend.

Friends say that you are?
Too generous with my time.

What do you avoid in life?
Bullies & rude people.

What are you reading right now?
A children’s book for my grand children – ‘We are one’, by Jennifer Black.

What secret can you share with us?
It’s not a secret once I share it.

If you don’t share it I will have to make it up.
OK-I don’t like being interviewed.


If only……
I didn’t sell my kombi.

The best lesson your parents taught you?
To be caring to all people from all walks of life.

If you were PM, what would you do?
I would legalise same sex marriage and I would have much stronger sentencing for perpetrators of child abuse.                                   

Who inspires you?
My husband, my children and my grandchildren as they remind me of what is important in life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Favourite shire eatery?
I don’t have a favourite- I like to share the love.                                                                             

Best coffee in town?
Again I don’t have a favourite as I like to share the love around.

I thought you might say that.
The previous career you wish you could forget?
Prawn boating.                                           

Favourite country to visit and why?
Australia, there is so much to see and we are a very lucky to live here.  

In the movie Suzannegate, who would play you?
Elizabeth Taylor.

Wow….now that opens up a whole can of worms!
Then close it…………

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