Women of Bellingen Shire Mobilise 4 Justice

As women around the country rise up in a bid for equality, justice and respect, a force of local women have mobilised to deliver a series of events in solidarity with the nationwide March 4 Justice movement.

This Sunday 14 March at 11am, the Bellingen March 4 Justice rally will take place at Maam Gaduying Meeting Place Park. Then, on Monday 15 March, a mock funeral to the patriarchy Stand In Solidarity With The Sisterhood, will take place at Lavenders Bridge at 9.30 coinciding with the nationwide March 4 Justice action.

Bellingen March 4 Justice Rally Organiser, Jennie Fenton acknowledged the event will be emotional for many:

“The Bellingen March 4 Justice event will have a strong focus on the “where to from here” for our community, as well as adding our voices and presence to the National protest and demands. A number of services will have a presence on the day and we encourage everyone to be looking out for each other and seeking any support you may need.”

The March 4 Justice events on Sunday and Monday are a precursor to an upcoming interactive public art installation Her Stories 4 Justice, where the women of Bellingen can share their stories of injustice and hopes for the future. A key element of the work is the creation of “Womanifesto” where participants can share their ideas for change in response to the question “What can we do as a community to create a better world for women?”

Exhibition Organiser Jane Grant commented:

“Her Stories 4 Justice is an opportunity for the women of Bellingen to tell their stories of injustice, inequality, disrespect, sexual harassment and sexual abuse – in a safe, inclusive and anonymous way, that is also highly visible.”

She added:

“The stories and vision that emerge from this process form the beating heart of the March 4 Justice movement in Bellingen and will serve as an important record told through the female lens.”


Bellingen March 4 Justice

Contact: Jennie Fenton, ph: 0417026206, e: [email protected] Date: Sun 14 March
Time: 11am start
Location: Maam Gaduying Meeting Place Park

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/336838924433290/

Bellingen: Her Stories 4 Justice

Contact: Jane Grant, ph: 0411 512 801
Date: To Be Advised
Location: To Be Advised

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